Client Advertising Process

Our Process: From Concept to Completion

At Endpaths, we believe in a structured yet flexible approach to delivering digital marketing and development services. Our 12-step process is designed to ensure thoroughness, quality, and client satisfaction at every stage of your project.

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12-Step Process to Ads Management

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Step 1: Discovery

We begin by understanding your business, your needs, and your goals. This initial consultation helps us gather the essential insights required for a tailored strategy.


Step 2: Market Research

Our team conducts in-depth market research to identify your industry trends, competition, and target audience behaviors, ensuring our strategies are data-driven.


Step 3: Strategy Development

With insights gathered, we craft a comprehensive strategy that outlines key objectives, timelines, and the tactics we will employ to achieve your goals.


Step 4: Resource Allocation

Resources are allocated based on your project's needs, ensuring that every aspect is managed by the right specialists within our team.


Step 5: Project Kickoff

We officially start your project with a kickoff meeting, setting clear expectations and confirming the strategic direction with all stakeholders.


Step 6: Content and Creative Development

Our creative team develops the content and designs required for your project, from digital ads and social media posts to website design elements.


Step 7: Implementation

We implement the planned strategies, whether it’s launching a marketing campaign, developing a website, or rolling out new content.


Step 8: Quality Assurance

Throughout the implementation phase, our quality assurance team monitors all deliverables to ensure they meet our high standards and your expectations.


Step 9: Testing and Optimization

Before full-scale launch, we conduct rigorous testing and make necessary optimizations to enhance performance and effectiveness.


Step 10: Launch

Your project goes live! We manage the launch process to ensure a smooth transition and immediate performance tracking.


Step 11: Monitoring and Reporting

Post-launch, we continuously monitor the results and provide detailed reporting on performance metrics, offering transparency and insights into the success of the project.


Step 12: Review and Iterate

Based on performance data and feedback, we review the project and make recommendations for future improvements. This step ensures ongoing optimization and success.


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