Over 2,500 New Weekly iOS and Android Users for Motivational App

Socia Media Marketing
Facebook Ads


PepTalk, a pioneering motivational app delivering daily inspirations and audiobooks, sought to expand its user base and ascend the App Store rankings. Endpaths crafted a digital marketing blueprint focused on bolstering app installations and visibility to potential users.


The main aim was to amplify PepTalk's presence on the App Store and drive a substantial increase in app installations by targeting those interested in motivation and self-improvement, using a diversified advertising approach and content marketing.

Strategy and Execution

To achieve PepTalk’s goals, we deployed a holistic marketing campaign centered around platforms and strategies where potential users were most engaged:

  • Facebook Ads for iOS Store: Launched targeted Facebook ad campaigns that directed users to PepTalk’s App Store listing, optimizing for keywords related to motivation, self-help, and personal growth.
  • Social Media Marketing: Utilized Facebook and Instagram ads to highlight PepTalk’s unique offerings, targeting users interested in personal development with compelling creatives.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborated with motivational speakers and influencers to extend PepTalk's reach, leveraging their authority and audience base to introduce the app.
  • Email Marketing: Developed targeted email campaigns for both prospective and existing users, focusing on the app's benefits to encourage downloads and engagement.

Advanced tracking and analytics underpinned the campaign, allowing for real-time optimization and ensuring the best outcomes from each initiative.


Our comprehensive marketing strategy delivered remarkable outcomes for PepTalk:

  • Weekly App Installs: Achieved over 2,500 installs per week, surpassing initial targets.
  • App Store Visibility: Significantly improved PepTalk’s ranking within the motivational app category, increasing its visibility.
  • Growth in User Base: Enhanced awareness and interest within the target demographic, considerably growing the app’s user base.

Key Campaign Metrics:

  • CTR (Click-Through Rate): Achieved a 2.1% CTR for our digital advertising campaigns, indicating strong user engagement.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): Attained an efficient average CPC of $0.27, showcasing cost-effective advertising.
  • CPI (Cost Per Install): Achieved an effective CPI of $1.35, underscoring efficient conversion from ad clicks to app installs.
  • Email Engagement: Observed a 22% email open rate, demonstrating the efficacy of our email marketing efforts in engaging users.


The strategic digital marketing approach for PepTalk led to surpassing our app installation and visibility goals on the App Store. By leveraging targeted Facebook ads to iOS users, influencer partnerships, and impactful email marketing, we were able to effectively communicate PepTalk’s value and attract a significant number of new users. This case study highlights Endpaths' expertise in crafting and executing app marketing strategies that drive tangible growth and success in the competitive digital landscape.