Cryotherapy Med Spa Fills New Weekly Bookings from Social Media Ads

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District Cryo, a leading cryotherapy and infrared sauna spa, faced challenges in expanding its customer base and optimizing appointment schedules. With unique wellness offerings yet insufficient customer influx, the spa sought a strategic marketing solution to elevate its market presence and boost bookings. Endpaths was chosen for this crucial task, leveraging our expertise in digital marketing to meet District Cryo's objectives.


The primary goal was to enhance District Cryo's customer acquisition and significantly increase appointment bookings, utilizing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to attract the spa's target audience.

Strategy and Execution

Our plan involved a multi-channel approach, designed to engage potential clients within the local area who showed interest in wellness and fitness:

  • Social Media Advertising: Initiated Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, specifically targeting the local community with interests in wellness, to highlight the benefits of cryotherapy and infrared sauna sessions.
  • Google Ads: Deployed search ads targeting keywords related to cryotherapy and infrared sauna services, aiming to capture the attention of individuals actively searching for these services.
  • Email Marketing: Implemented engaging email campaigns directed at both existing and prospective clients, promoting the health benefits and unique aspects of District Cryo’s services.
  • Referral Marketing: Launched referral programs encouraging satisfied customers to introduce friends and family to District Cryo, rewarding both referrers and referees to foster a community of wellness enthusiasts.

A cornerstone of our strategy was the use of advanced analytics and tracking tools, enabling precise measurement and optimization of campaign performance.


The targeted marketing campaign yielded outstanding results for District Cryo:

  • Appointment Bookings Surge: Witnessed a 240% increase in weekly appointment bookings, significantly surpassing initial targets.
  • New Customer Acquisition: Successfully attracted hundreds of new customers, enriching District Cryo's client base.
  • Elevated Brand Awareness: Enhanced local awareness and interest in District Cryo's wellness services, establishing the spa as a top choice for cryotherapy and infrared sauna experiences.


The strategic marketing initiatives implemented for District Cryo effectively drove customer engagement and increased service bookings. By leveraging targeted social media ads, search engine marketing, email outreach, and referral incentives, we achieved a substantial growth in both customer base and appointments. This case study underscores Endpaths' capability to deliver impactful digital marketing solutions that generate tangible business results, demonstrating our commitment to advancing client objectives through innovative strategies and data-driven insights.