Inked Magazine Sells Over 3,280 Tattoo Books with Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Inked Magazine, renowned for its commitment to the tattoo lifestyle and culture, sought to elevate sales and awareness for their unique publication, "All of Me Is Illustrated" by Ray Bradbury. Despite the book's artistic value and appeal, reaching the target audience effectively posed a challenge. Endpaths was brought on board to strategize and implement a marketing campaign that would not only boost book sales but also enhance its visibility within its core demographic.


The primary goal was to create and execute a dynamic marketing strategy aimed at increasing book sales and promoting widespread awareness among tattoo enthusiasts and literary aficionados alike.

Strategy and Execution

Our approach was to deploy a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing campaign, designed to showcase the book’s unique aspects and resonate with both tattoo lovers and readers:

  • Social Media Advertising: Crafted and launched targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, visually highlighting the book's artistic illustrations and appealing directly to tattoo enthusiasts and book lovers.
  • Google Ads Campaigns: Initiated keyword-targeted campaigns focusing on users searching for tattoo art and literature, ensuring top visibility for the book.
  • Email Marketing: Rolled out engaging email campaigns to Inked Magazine’s existing subscribers, emphasizing the book's uniqueness and the value it offers to its readers.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborated with influential tattoo artists and literary bloggers, leveraging their platforms to introduce the book to a wider, yet targeted, audience.

A pivotal component of our strategy was the implementation of advanced tracking and analytics, enabling us to refine our tactics based on real-time performance metrics.


The concerted efforts of our multi-channel marketing campaign culminated in outstanding achievements for "All of Me Is Illustrated":

  • Sales Surge: Successfully generated thousands of new sales, significantly exceeding initial projections.
  • Elevated Awareness: Markedly increased the book’s visibility and interest among the targeted demographic of tattoo and book enthusiasts.
  • Positive Reception: Garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from purchasers, highlighting customer satisfaction with the quality and content of the book.


Through a tailored and strategic marketing campaign, Endpaths was instrumental in transforming "All of Me Is Illustrated" into a commercial success and a topic of conversation among its target audience. By effectively utilizing social media, search engine marketing, email outreach, and influencer collaborations, we not only achieved the set objectives but also established a stronger market presence for Inked Magazine's publication. This case study exemplifies our expertise in leveraging multi-faceted marketing strategies to meet and surpass our clients' sales and awareness goals, reinforcing Endpaths' position as a leader in driving tangible results in the digital marketing arena.