Students Film and TV Production Summer Camp Gets New Registrations from Social Media Ads

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Artist Spotlight, a visionary production company based in Georgia, offers an interactive summer camp focused on TV and film production. Despite its unique appeal, the company faced challenges in achieving full registration for its 3-day summer camp. Recognizing the need for a strategic marketing approach, Artist Spotlight partnered with Endpaths to enhance visibility and drive up registrations.


The primary aim was to maximize summer camp registrations by crafting and executing a targeted digital marketing campaign that would resonate with both parents and students interested in the arts, particularly TV and film production.

Strategy and Execution

To meet Artist Spotlight's objectives, we devised a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy, focusing on reaching our target audience through various digital platforms:

  • Social Media Advertising: Implemented Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns specifically targeting parents and students in Georgia, emphasizing the camp's unique, immersive experience in TV and film production.
  • Google Ads: Launched targeted campaigns aimed at individuals actively searching for summer camps and educational opportunities in TV/film production, ensuring Artist Spotlight appeared at the forefront of relevant searches.
  • Email Marketing: Rolled out engaging email campaigns to our database of potential attendees, detailing the camp's benefits and unique selling points to spur interest and registration.
  • Social Media Buzz: Initiated a series of social media marketing efforts to generate excitement and discussion about the summer camp, leveraging content that showcased the hands-on experiences and learning opportunities available.

Utilizing advanced tracking and analytics was key, enabling us to monitor campaign performance closely and adjust tactics in real-time to maximize impact.


The targeted marketing efforts spearheaded by Endpaths led to outstanding achievements for Artist Spotlight's summer camp:

  • Full Attendance: Successfully achieved full registration for the summer camp, meeting the company's primary goal.
  • Increased Registration Rate: Saw a notable increase in the registration rate, indicating the effectiveness of the targeted marketing strategy.
  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement: Generated significant buzz on social media platforms, increasing awareness and interest in the camp among the target audience.


Through a targeted and integrated digital marketing strategy, Endpaths was instrumental in transforming the registration landscape for Artist Spotlight's summer camp. By leveraging the power of social media, search engine marketing, and email outreach, we not only fulfilled but exceeded the camp's registration objectives. This case study underscores our ability to employ digital marketing tools effectively, driving tangible results and fostering growth for our clients in the educational and creative arts sector.