Pet Care Center uses Facebook Ads to Reach New Customers and Open 2 New Locations

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Patrick's Pet Care, a distinguished full-service pet care center in Washington DC, offering dog walking, pet sitting, grooming, boarding, and training services, sought to amplify their business reach. As they ventured into opening two new locations, the need for a robust marketing strategy to attract new customers and secure media attention became paramount. Endpaths was tasked to spearhead this growth initiative.


The primary objective was to elevate Patrick's Pet Care's market presence, augment customer base, and secure prominent media coverage, all while maintaining the essence of their trusted brand as they expanded.

Strategy and Execution

Our comprehensive strategy was tailored to meet Patrick's Pet Care's specific goals, encompassing a blend of digital marketing and public relations:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimized the website for relevant pet care service keywords to enhance visibility in search engine results, aiming for the top rankings in the DC area.
  • Social Media Advertising: Deployed targeted Facebook and Instagram ads directed at pet owners within the DC vicinity, showcasing Patrick’s unique services and competitive edge.
  • Email Marketing: Initiated campaigns targeting both existing and prospective customers, highlighting new services and the launch of new locations to foster community engagement and loyalty.
  • Public Relations: Conducted outreach to local media outlets, crafting compelling stories around Patrick's expansion and unique offerings to generate buzz and secure coverage.

A key to our strategy was the use of advanced tracking and analytics, allowing us to refine our tactics based on performance data continually.


The strategic marketing and PR campaign yielded exceptional results for Patrick's Pet Care:

  • Lead Generation: Experienced a staggering 320% increase in leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted approach.
  • Customer Growth: New customer numbers soared by 270%, attributable to our integrated marketing efforts.
  • Media Coverage: Successfully secured multiple features in local media outlets, including a notable segment on CNN, significantly boosting brand visibility.
  • High-Profile Engagement: A standout achievement was securing an appointment with Jill Biden for the White House dog, spotlighting Patrick's Pet Care as a premier service provider in the DC area.


The multi-faceted marketing strategy executed for Patrick's Pet Care not only achieved but exceeded the initial growth objectives. By leveraging a balanced mix of SEO, social media advertising, email marketing, and strategic PR, we significantly expanded their customer base and solidified their market presence. The campaign's success, highlighted by the high-profile appointment and extensive media coverage, underscores Endpaths' capability to deliver comprehensive marketing solutions that drive meaningful business outcomes. This case study exemplifies our commitment to fostering growth and enhancing visibility for clients in competitive markets.