548,000+ App Installs Driven on iOS and Android for Popular Mobile App

Social Media Marketing
Facebook Ads


Dabbl, an innovative app offering users the opportunity to earn gift cards through surveys, quizzes, and games, sought to expand its user base and enhance app engagement. With the ambitious goal of acquiring new app installs for an average cost of $2.50 or less, Dabbl aimed to boost daily users and secure additional business funding. Endpaths was tasked with creating and managing effective Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns to meet these objectives.


Our primary goal was to generate new app installs for Dabbl at the targeted cost, thereby increasing the app’s user base and contributing to the company's growth and funding objectives.

Strategy and Execution

We devised a dual-platform app install campaign strategy tailored to iOS and Android users, leveraging detailed analysis and audience testing:

  • App Install Campaigns: Developed separate campaigns for iOS (iPhone) and Android users to optimize performance across different device ecosystems.
  • Technical Analysis: Conducted thorough analysis on ad performance, targeting, and demographics to refine our approach and maximize efficiency.
  • Audience Testing: Implemented extensive audience testing, reaching over 75 million users in the USA, to identify and target the most responsive segments.

Our approach was data-driven, continuously optimizing campaigns based on performance metrics and user engagement insights.


The meticulously crafted and managed campaigns led to impressive results for Dabbl:

  • New App Installs: Achieved over 550,000+ new app installs in the USA, significantly exceeding expectations.
  • User Quality and Engagement: Noticed a marked improvement in user quality and app engagement metrics, indicating the success of the targeted campaigns.
  • Monthly User Growth: Consistently added more than 50,000 new users each month, contributing to the app’s dynamic growth.
  • Funding Success: The marketing achievements played a pivotal role in Dabbl securing over $1.5M+ in Series A funding, underlining the campaign's contribution to the company's broader business objectives.


Through strategic planning and execution of Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns, Endpaths significantly contributed to Dabbl's growth, user engagement, and funding success. By achieving targeted app install costs and boosting the daily user base, we demonstrated the power of precise, data-driven digital marketing strategies in accelerating app growth and meeting key business milestones. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering impactful results, driving growth, and enhancing user engagement for app developers in the competitive digital landscape.