Event Marketing Boosts Local Attendance by 281% for Chabad of Spokane, WA

Event Marketing
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Charity Studio, a digital marketing agency with a focus on non-profit organizations, partnered with Chabad of Spokane, Washington, to enhance engagement and attendance for a pivotal series of Holocaust survivor speeches. Facing challenges in attracting the desired audience numbers, a comprehensive and sensitive marketing strategy was essential to increase event registrations and foster community support for the cause.


The primary goal was to significantly boost event registrations for the Holocaust survivor speeches in Spokane, thereby increasing awareness and support for this crucial educational initiative.

Strategy and Execution

A thoughtful, multi-channel marketing campaign was developed to engage the target audience, emphasizing the historical importance and educational value of the speeches:

  • Targeted Social Media Ads: Utilized Facebook and Instagram ads to reach Spokane-area residents with an interest in Holocaust history and education, underscoring the unique opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from survivors.
  • Google Ads Campaigns: Deployed targeted ads for individuals searching for Holocaust-related events and speeches in Spokane, ensuring top visibility for the event.
  • Email Marketing: Engaged existing and potential attendees with compelling email content, highlighting the significance of the speeches and the importance of attendance.
  • Social Media Buzz: Initiated a broader social media campaign aimed at creating excitement and fostering discussions around the event, leveraging hashtags and content to spark interest and shareability.

Advanced tracking and analytics tools were integral, allowing us to monitor campaign effectiveness and make data-informed optimizations throughout.


The strategic marketing efforts led to remarkable outcomes for the Chabad of Spokane's event series:

  • Event Registrations: Saw a dramatic increase of 280% in event registrations, far exceeding initial targets.
  • Enhanced Attendance: Not only did registrations increase, but actual event attendance surged, ensuring packed venues and engaged audiences.
  • Community Awareness: The campaign significantly raised awareness and support for Holocaust education within the Spokane community, contributing to a broader understanding and remembrance.


The collaboration between Charity Studio and Chabad of Spokane on this sensitive and vital campaign underscores the power of targeted digital marketing in mobilizing community engagement for important causes. By employing a mix of strategic ad placements, compelling content, and community-focused social media initiatives, we were able to not only meet but exceed our objectives, fostering a greater connection and educational opportunity around the Holocaust survivor speeches. This case study highlights Charity Studio's expertise in leveraging digital marketing to support non-profit organizations in achieving their mission-driven goals.