B2B eCommerce Company Generates $30k+ in New Sales with a 4.3X ROAS

Social Media Marketing
Instagram Ads


Rollo Printer, a leading thermal shipping label printer favored by eCommerce businesses for its simplicity and platform integration capabilities, sought to amplify its market penetration among small eCommerce shops. The challenge was crafting B2B advertising campaigns that efficiently targeted these businesses, enhancing daily orders and achieving profitability. Endpaths was engaged to develop and implement a robust marketing strategy tailored to Rollo Printer's unique needs.


The primary goal was to significantly increase Rollo Printer's daily orders from small eCommerce businesses by leveraging targeted B2B advertising campaigns, thereby establishing a predictable and profitable sales channel.

Strategy and Execution

Understanding the nuances of B2B marketing, particularly within the eCommerce sector, was crucial. Our strategy encompassed a variety of targeted digital advertising efforts:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Launched B2B-focused ad campaigns on these platforms to reach decision-makers within small eCommerce businesses, highlighting Rollo Printer's ease of use and compatibility with major web platforms.
  • Google Search & Display Ads: Implemented targeted search and display ads to capture the attention of businesses actively searching for efficient shipping solutions, ensuring Rollo Printer appeared prominently in relevant searches.
  • Retargeting Campaigns: Developed retargeting strategies to re-engage website visitors and recover abandoned carts, maximizing conversion opportunities.

Advanced audience testing and tracking methodologies were pivotal, allowing us to refine our approach and target more precisely.


The comprehensive marketing campaign yielded remarkable outcomes for Rollo Printer:

  • Sales Volume Surge: Achieved a substantial increase of over 520% in daily and weekly sales, transitioning from unpredictable sales figures to a reliable revenue stream.
  • Campaign Profitability: Established consistently profitable marketing campaigns, providing Rollo Printer with a dependable mechanism for growth and scalability.
  • Website Traffic Growth: Exponentially increased website traffic by over 20 times, significantly expanding Rollo Printer's online visibility and customer engagement.
  • Revenue and Lead Generation: Generated over $30,000 in new sales and acquired thousands of new leads for the email list, fueling future marketing efforts.


By executing a targeted and diversified B2B digital marketing strategy, Endpaths effectively broadened Rollo Printer's reach within the small eCommerce business segment, driving substantial sales growth and establishing a solid foundation for sustained profitability. This case study exemplifies our expertise in navigating the complexities of B2B marketing, leveraging targeted advertising to achieve measurable success and support our clients' growth objectives in competitive markets.