Facebook Ads Lead Generation Sells 5 New Franchises for Donut Bar

Social Media Marketing
Facebook Ads


Donut Bar, renowned for its wide array of unique and delectable donut flavors in San Diego, aimed to broaden its business horizons through franchising. Despite a well-established local reputation, the challenge was to amplify brand awareness and cultivate leads for their burgeoning franchise program. Endpaths was enlisted to craft and deploy a marketing strategy that would propel Donut Bar's expansion efforts across multiple states.


Our goal was to enhance Donut Bar's brand recognition on a broader scale and generate actionable leads for their franchise program, ultimately facilitating the sale of new franchises and expanding their market footprint.

Strategy and Execution

We embarked on a comprehensive, multi-state lead generation campaign, integrating a variety of marketing tactics tailored to Donut Bar's objectives:

  • Social Media Advertising: Executed targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns to captivate donut aficionados in numerous states, highlighting Donut Bar's innovative flavors.
  • Google Ads Campaigns: Launched search advertising targeting individuals exploring donut store opportunities and franchise investments.
  • Email Marketing: Developed targeted email campaigns for engaging potential franchisees, outlining the unique advantages of partnering with Donut Bar.
  • Public Relations: Pursued aggressive PR outreach to secure both local and national media attention, aiming to spotlight Donut Bar's unique selling propositions and franchise opportunities.

Advanced tracking and analytics played a crucial role, enabling us to refine our strategy based on performance insights and optimize campaign effectiveness.


The targeted marketing initiative delivered remarkable results, marking a significant milestone in Donut Bar's expansion journey:

  • Franchise Growth: Successfully facilitated the sale of 6 new franchises, indicating a strong market demand and effective lead generation.
  • Brand Awareness: Significantly enhanced Donut Bar's brand visibility across targeted states, contributing to a broader consumer base.
  • Media Exposure: Achieved notable media coverage, including features in local and national outlets and a spotlight on the Food Network, vastly increasing Donut Bar's prestige and appeal.


Through a strategic blend of digital marketing, email outreach, and public relations, Donut Bar's franchise program witnessed a substantial upswing in interest and engagement, culminating in the sale of six new franchises and a pronounced boost in brand awareness. This case study underscores Endpaths' proficiency in harnessing the power of integrated marketing strategies to fulfill and surpass our clients' expansion objectives, demonstrating our pivotal role in facilitating business growth and franchise development in competitive markets.